Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for education.

Spatial Technology training for teachers.

The Requirement

Spatial thinking and spatial technology are increasingly vital components of a 21st century education.

The revised Ontario Grade 9 Geography credit now mandates the interweaving of spatial technology - in particular GIS - with instruction, learning, assessment and evaluation, throughout the course. England's National Curriculum now mandates the same.


My Story

It was in the 1990s while exploring a source-anomaly in social history that I discovered the power of GIS. So when in 2004 I began teaching secondary school geography, I harnessed spatial technology to achieve expectations in all course strands and units. Today, government curricula increasingly mandate this approach - and I help teachers embrace it.



  • ● On-site professional development (PD) and capacity building for faculty.
  • ● Curriculum consulting and support for school administrations and departments.
  • ● Additional Qualification (AQ) / In-service teacher training.
  • ● Pre-service teacher training.

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